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Welcome to Venture Funding Network, a Social Benefit Enterprise.

We know how hard it is to raise capital for a growing business. VFN provides a platform - both online and offline - connecting businesses and entrepreneurs with Access to Capital. We do this through relationships with angel investors, venture capital firms, business loan lenders and professional service providers throughout the United States.

We are all about helping businesses grow and prosper, which leads to better economic development and job creation. It's good for Entrepreneurs. It's good for Investors. It's good for the Economy.

If you are a company seeking capital to start, expand or turnaround your business or to gain funding to finance a government contract, you will benefit from exposure to our investment community consisting of thousands of business investors and lenders.

Resources are available to help creative, innovative and driven entrepreneurs build highly successful businesses.
Investors, enhance your portfolio. Venture Funding Network's business members are entrepreneurs that includes small to medium businesses, including women, minority and veteran owned companies - all from a variety of industries. They are all looking for Investors like you to help them grow. In return, they will help grow your portfolio.

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Get your free business planning kit here. Entrepreneurs, whether you're a startup or growing company, if you're considering seeking funding from angel investors, venture capital firms or obtaining small business loans, this business planning kit has a free business plan template with all of the instructions and information you need to prepare a business plan and executive summary.

This free business plan template is extremely comprehensive and will give you everything you need to create a business plan that gets funded. This is not a generic business plan template but is over 90 pages of business planning instructions and advice. We know we could sell this product for $125.00, but we are giving it away for a limited time.

Take advantage of this business planning kit (which comes with a business plan template) while you can! Complete the form above and we will send you directly to the download page.

We're Venture Funding Network and we help you with anything related to connecting with business investors, venture capital funding and other alternative funding sources to get your company funded. Good luck and if you have questions, contact us!

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