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Press Release: Venture Funding Network supports “Access to Capital” program for high growth companies and start-ups

Venture Funding Network brings entrepreneurs, investors, lenders and service providers together to grow businesses and create new jobs.
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New study sees venture dollars rise in Q3

Venture capital investment was up in the third quarter, with investors putting $8.4 billion into 765 deals for U.S.-based venture companies, according to a new report.
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Engagement in Internet activities positively affects young companies' capitalization, sales and survival

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Jobs and economic escalation will follow as more women break through "glass walls" to start high-growth ventures

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DOE Funding Smart Grid, Advanced Solar Start-ups

The US energy department announced $188 million for clean tech startups, with $73 million coming from the Recovery Act.
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SBA Growth Capital Program Provides Record $1.59 Billion in Financing for Small Businesses in FY10

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At a time when capital was scarce for small business, financing from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s growth capital program increased 23 percent in fiscal year 2010, providing a record $1.59 billion to help small businesses grow and create jobs, according to SBA Administrator Karen Mills.
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Small Business Survey Reveals Need for Funding Assistance

GRAND ISLAND - The largest roadblock when starting a small business and for keeping that business afloat is one and the same - money

According to the 2010 Small Business Needs Assessment conducted by the Center for Rural Affairs and its Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP),
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Alternative Funding Sources for Small Businesses

When looking to fund their businesses and boost the figures recorded by their financial management software, many smaller firms turn to banks. However, bank loans are not the only financing source on the block.

In fact, there are some situations in which small business owners may prefer to look outside of the larger banks in order to expand their operations. There is still plenty of money out there,
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NYC venture capital funding goes more online

Second-quarter investments in media, entertainment and software startups nearly triple in size compared to last year, study finds.

Over half of venture capital funding in the New York metro area in the second quarter went towards media, entertainment and software projects .
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SBA Makes Small Businesses Bigger (the Easy Way)

The enlarging of small business has begun.
On Wednesday, the Small Business Administration published a final rule revising upward the size standards that determine eligibility for S.B.A. programs in three broad sectors of the economy. And that is good news for nearly 18,000 businesses that until now have been unable to take a government-backed loan or to get assistance winning federal contracts. But it makes the term “small business” a little more ambiguous.
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