About Us

About Us

Venture Funding Network, a Social Benefit Enterprise, is an active online and offline business network that brings entrepreneurs, business investors, financiers and service providers together. Our unique virtual network serves as a connection engine, a learning environment and a meeting place where our members can post their funding interest to find the right "door openers".

By helping entrepreneurs connect with angel investors, venture capitalists, lenders and financiers, Venture Funding Network helps businesses gain the Access to Capital they need to foster economic development and spur job creation.

Entrepreneur members post profiles that display their business ideas and capital needs to potential investors. Our regional and national marketing outreach has brought us thousands of private equity and capital investors looking for serious investment opportunities.

Whether you are just starting a business or looking for investment capital for your business' growing needs, join Venture Funding Network and gain access to the investors, business loans and service providers that you need to succeed.

Entrepreneurs can also connect with other entrepreneurs who may be looking for partners in joint ventures, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions.

Business Investors and Financier members, Venture Funding Network offers you the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs seeking capital investment or capital funding. Our searchable database allows you to filter listings to focus on what best meets your needs and funding interests.

Venture Funding Network proudly features a variety of potential high growth businesses in diverse industries - including women, minority and veteran owned businesses. Simply join Venture Funding Network, and post a profile outlining your funding interests.

Service Provider members post profiles highlighting their services to entrepreneurs. Many growing companies need help to implement their growth strategies and prepare for investors. Join Venture Funding Network and upload a profile showing entrepreneurs the business services you have to offer.

Venture Funding Network's platform provides:

  • A variety of ways to connect entrepreneurs with investors, lenders and service providers.
  • A growing, searchable, national venture capital & funders database.
  • The ability to post Listings in several membership areas.
  • The ability for businesses to upload an investment-grade Executive Summary or Business

Plan to their profile.

  • A toolbox of essential entrepreneurial resources.
  • Connections to search for entrepreneurial opportunities and strategic alliances.
  • A vigorous meeting forum for all business professionals.

Venture Funding Network is the premiere destination for entrepreneurs, investors and service providers. Our community is active and filled with opportunity.

Post your profile for Free. Join Venture Funding Network now and Get Connected!