How It Works For Entrepreneurs

How It Works For Entrepreneurs

Are you looking to connect with: Angel Investors Networks, Venture Capitalists, Start up Capital Investors, Private Equity Investors, Lenders or potential business partners? Do you need investment capital to grow your business? If your business needs capital investment and you're serious about finding new business finance sources, is the place for you. is the premiere source for matching qualified entrepreneurs with investors, lenders and other funding sources. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to raise startup capital, or the owner of an existing business looking to obtain business funding, you can find the connections you need with Venture Funding Network.

Any Entrepreneur can Join for Free

Click on the registration button below to build your profile and post your funding needs for our Investor and Lender Members to view. You will be able to view and edit your profile at any time. Register for free today, post your profile, and start making connections with investors looking for new business investment opportunities.

Is your business ready to raise capital and impress investors?

Investors know that if you are unwilling to invest time and money in your own business then you may not be serious about getting funded.  If you're serious about raising capital, you need four essential elements to impress potential investors :

  • Knowledge of the funding process and what investors require.
  • An investment-grade Executive Summary and Business Plan. 
  • Access to angel investors, venture capital investors and other funding sources.
  • Contacts and 'door openers'; the connections that help you succeed.

You need to connect to where the opportunities are. We cannot guarantee your funding success, but we can guarantee that without these four elements, you have slim hope of attracting investors.

With Venture Funding Network, you can gain access to the connections that can help you find the capital investment your venture needs. A free registration will allow you to post your profile and startup business funding today.

Consider upgrading to a Membership. A Membership at offers you access to our database of venture capitalists, angel investors, lenders and other investors looking for investment opportunities right now.

Membership Benefits for Entrepreneurs include access to the following:


Submit Your Venture Listing
Submit your capital investment needs and company profile to our secure online database for viewing by accredited investors.  Upload your Executive Summary or Business Plan and make it available to investors.

Global Venture Capital Directory
Our searchable database features more than 4,300 domestic and international Venture Capital and other funders, with customizable search features including geography, business type and size.

Angel Investor Networks Directory
Our members gain access to significant Angel Funding Networks in the USA.

Other Funding Sources
Connect with banks, and explore other sources of business funding including leasing, factoring, broker/dealers, government, and investment banks.

Expert Service Providers
Members can access a searchable database of domestic and international Business Service Providers,  with customizable search features including industry, service provided and location.

How to Raise Capital: The Funding Process
An overview of the process of getting funded that can guide you through the process of finding business capital.

Strategic Alliances
Post a listing that you are looking to make an alliance or view similar Strategic Alliances posts to Partner, Joint Venture or Collaborate with other entrepreneurs. 

Mergers & Acquisitions
Members can post listings and view similar Mergers & Acquisitions posts to Buy, Sell or Merge their businesses. 

Complete your registration, post your profile, and start making connections. Finding the business funding solutions that you need has never been easier. Join Venture Funding Network now, and find your capital for business.