How It Works For Service Providers is the best source on the web for matching qualified entrepreneurs with investors, lenders and other funding sources, and the services providers that they may need. Venture Funding Network can help you connect with potential clients for your services easily and efficiently thanks to our venture capital firms list. All it takes for you to get started finding new clients for your services is a free registration.

Many of the startup and growing entrepreneur Members of Venture Funding Network may need professional services providers to assist them in getting their business ready for investment or funding

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A Service Provider Membership with Venture Funding Network provides you with access to an array of tools to find new clients:

  • Entrepreneurs Seeking Funding: You'll be able to access our active database of entrepreneurs who are looking for funding small business or mid size business for a startup or expansion of an established business, and may have need of your services. Our database is searchable by state, industry and deal size.

  • Strategic Alliances: Members can view posted listings of entrepreneurs, investors and lenders looking to make deals, alliances, mergers and acquisitions. The searchable database, which possesses the largest venture capital firms, can be customized by location, industry and size.

  • Service Provider Connections: Come together with other Service Providers and Entrepreneurs, and make connections that may be beneficial to your business.

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